Product Design

Our originaltemple jewelry is made of silver and plated with gold and covered with gold foil and studded with stones come mostly in dark reddish maroon, dark green, white and also blue. This jewelry set is 100% handmade jewelry. Artisan families in the vadasery village, Nagercoil Town of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India has been mastering this art for more than 100 years. 

Since these are recreations of high cost antique gold jewelry with the increasing demand and appreciation of splendid pieces of the past, it is affordable due to low price with quality for all those who wish to wear.

The mythical creature, the yali, the Makara or crocodile, the swan, the parrot, the serpent, the mango, the gopuram or temple tower, the lotus, and the creeper featuresare the main design in the jewels

These ornaments give regal and ethnic look to a person thus combining conventional look with modern times.  Many of these antique designs are still fashioned to match with new generation.

Contemporary designs are made with gold imitation that gives traditional as well as fascinated look