About Us

Silver Sparkler, is a traditional and exclusive gallery for silver and temple jewels with a mission to design the latest to capture the beauty and fashioned people of the Indian & global Consumers.

We offer exclusive temple jewelry designed specifically for temples,festivals/special occasions, dancers and bridal jewels. Also available for normal use with distinct design and aesthetic look.

Our jewelry is facilitated to a set of strict quality control measures aim to provide Total satisfaction to valued customers.

Silver Sparkler is registered member of Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts in India and Global Institute of Foreign Trade (GIFT)

Our Mission in the field of temple jewelry is to produce high quality jewels with affordable price and meticulously handcraft to suit modern tastes and pockets.

Temple jewelry of India initially used to be described as the jewelry used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses in South India from the 9th century till the 16th century. The statues In India were ornamented with all types of Jewels that were either strung with beads or crafted with intricate filigree.

The jewelry used to adorn the idols was later worn by temple dancers (costume of a Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi dancer) and slowly, the designs became a part of the Indian woman's bridal jewelry .Today, temple jewelry has become one of the most popular handicrafts of India. During festivals and occasions of worship of Gods, women wear temple jewelry, believed to be auspicious and also is believed to bring fortuity to the person.